Elizabeth Downey-Sunnen sees the light in the chaos.  

The sometimes-sour-sometimes-sweet reality of humanity is precisely what Downey-Sunnen grapples with every time she picks up a paintbrush.

She is influenced heavily by the bold colours and the mundane celebrations of Yayoi Kusama, Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol. She works hard to create spaces in which the viewer can become a part of the piece, one unexpected moment of joy at a time. There is much going on in each layer of her works that, in the end, creates a depth and richness that feeds the soul from every angle.  

In between art works, she can be found discussing Kindness and how it is harder to be kind than we think. She is constantly thinking about how to create educational spaces that work for the quiet perfectionist, the mover-shaker, the dreamer and the class clown. She loves to speak to parents, educators, and everyone who might fit any of these personality types (and PS, everyone has all four types within!). 

Downey-Sunnen lives in Chatham, Ontario, Canada with her always amazing children. Her doodles, Gemma and Pistachio, and kitty Neville are pretty swell, too. 

Elizabeth Downey-Sunnen is self-represented. Drop her a line to inquire about custom pooch pastels, to find out about her next show, or to invite her to chat, laugh and cry at your next event. Everyone will be talking about her.

Elizabeth Downey-Sunnen

Photography by Melissa Doyle, Casting Memories.