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Mindfulness and Art Classes


AwareHouse is a space of acceptance, of learning perseverance, and of integrity. It is where kids can come learn how to express themselves creatively, and learn how to think. It is where everyone can practice peace.

It is a place to connect with peers.  This is not "instead of" homeschooling, or traditional school, or therapy.  This is time for your child to learn more about him or herself through work with the arts.  

AwareHouse offers fine art lessons to the youth of Chatham-Kent in a safe, positive, and understanding environment.  Students are encouraged to take risks only after they are comfortable enough to reap the rewards of those risks.  

A typical 3-hour session would include a 20-minute meditation, followed by allowing students to work in the format they choose.

This could include printmaking, painting, drawing, using pastels, ink, spray paint, collage, pencils, aquarelle, art journaling, and other media.

Students are encouraged to try new things and make mistakes because mistakes can become glorious wins. 

Through our work at AwareHouse, your child can be expected to grow emotionally in many ways. This might include being more mindful, more creative, better able to resolve conflict or express positive and negative emotions better.

AwareHouse will give your child something to look forward to. Practicing gratitude and meditation will give your child a bigger perspective on the world around her or him.


Growing up is hard enough without a break now and then to breathe and be yourself.



Team Building


There is nothing that brings people together like the fear of being creative!

Elizabeth Downey-Sunnen

But seriously, creativity is an amazingly honest way to get people of different backgrounds and focus points to come together to find new and positive ways to relate. 

Beginning with a meditation to leave our distractions in the hallway, Elizabeth encourages everyone to feel comfortable and take risks.  She guides your team members gently to find their personal best and put that on a canvas.  Truly, this is a chance to let your own heart shine, while seeing the best in your co-workers.

Programming runs as short as a 1-hour Zentangle and meditation combo or a 3-hour canvas afternoon.  

Contact Elizabeth for fee structures and availability. 

She is happy to come into schools and teach art classes, too.  

If you're in the not-for-profit sector, let her know so she can reduce your fee appropriately.  She is happy to donate her time so those working for our community can have the same opportunities to grow as for-profit businesses. 


Occasionally, Elizabeth has guest artists come to AwareHouse to teach. If you have an idea for a class, contact her! If you know an artist who would love to be paid to share an idea, put them in touch with us! We love sharing and paying artists!